Warm greetings and cheers to you all brothers and sisters of Zomba.

Cheers to the DC of Zomba District Council

Cheers to ADRA Malawi Ltd

Happy Birthday and Cheers to Reunion Insurance Company

Today 3rd May 2019 is Reunions 14th Birthday; and in celebration we are here at Kayeramadzi/Kateketa to cheer and make a donation to our brothers and sisters who were affected by the recent National Disaster. We learnt with sadness that many areas in T/A Mbiza here in Zomba District were affected by the heavy rains of January to March this year. Some people were rendered homeless and without basic amenities like food and household items.

In Reunion Insurance, it is our tradition that we mark each anniversary by a Corporate Social Responsibility as a way of giving back to the community which is a pillar of our success.  We have engaged ourselves in different activities every year and this year we felt that it was important to visit you brothers and sisters with our little donation which we believe will for a moment make you smile. Our donation is in form of basic survival kit consisting of blankets and plastic buckets and food items comprising maize flour, cooking oil, salt, soya meat  to each of the 146/54 households accommodated here at Kayeramadzi/Kateketa.

Reunion Insurance understands what you people are going through and we are with you in prayers. That is why we are here today with these items to give you a temporary relief and we believe that permanent solutions from the relevant body will come forth.

We did not come alone. We have our working partners here with us, ADRA Malawi. I would like to thank ADRA and its Country Director Mr Hastings Lacha for the wonderful job they have done on this particular assignment and for their services in general.

As you may know them, ADRA Malawi is part of the international ADRA network. ADRA is a non-governmental organization present in 125 countries providing sustainable community development and disaster relief without regard to political or religious association, age, gender, race and ethnicity.

For us to find ourselves here, was through the wise guidance of ADRA who have a vast experience in these disaster relief works.  This is not our field as you know, REUNION is in a totally different profession of insurance and we are first class professionals in the field.

Let me also thank the District Commissioner for Zomba District Council who connected us to the people of Zomba and made this function possible.

I would also like to thank brothers and sisters of  Kayeramadzi/Kateketa camp for the warm welcome. We will be going back to our base, Blantyre, with fond memories of our brothers and sisters.

Finally I thank all staff members of Reunion Insurance and ADRA for coming here all the way from Blantyre and for the donation.

May God bless each one of you and thank you for listening.

Dr. Dorothy Chapeyama (Mrs.)

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