Warm Greetings to you all! Welcome to the 14th anniversary for REUNION Insurance Company Limited.

Today, 3rd May, 2019 marks the 14th anniversary for our organization and it’s a cause for celebrations. REUNION was initiated with the blessings from the Almighty God and it is due to these blessings that we have expanded our organization to this extent that we are today celebrating 14 years of its existence.

I still remember the day, 3rd May 2005, when REUNION INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED started, in Adams Court along Henderson Street in the City Centre of Blantyre, with very few people and a very limited amount of resources. Starting from then till today, the company has covered a long and evolutionary journey. Now with not less than 60 employees operating from 11 offices across the country, REUNION is a force to reckon with in the Malawi market.

Today on its birthday, we are celebrating another year of big successes, achievements and strong relationship of the REUNION FAMILY in terms of employees who have taken this company to reach greater heights. REUNION embraces core human values, such as Trust, Integrity, and Teamwork and I thank God for the fantastic team of dedicated and loyal employees.

Our experiences over the last 14 years have had a mixture of business challenges and opportunities as well as successes and happy and best memories. Proudly, our organization has become stronger and more efficient than ever before.

Since the inception, we have been adding on to everything we have, the manpower, list of achievements, areas we deal in and even to the enthusiasm and dedication we have for our work and responsibilities. This is obviously an amazing sign for any organization. This positivity has been reflecting clearly in our growth rates ever since the beginning. As the saying goes, “slow and steady wins the race”, REUNION has undeniably been one of the most steadily growing companies.

Let me take this opportunity to thank all members of staff, old and new , who are the true assets of REUNION. Without you all, the company would have been nothing. This happy occasion will remain incomplete if I do not raise a toast to you guys. The credit of achieving all that we have, getting the chance to address all of you today and being able to earn the huge customer base that we have, goes to nobody else but you people.

Not every day I get the chance to express myself. Let me, today as we are celebrating the 14th anniversary of our organization; take the opportunity to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for your efforts, contribution and support towards the fanciful success of the company. Thank you all for being there with the company even in the bad times and showing your patience and support when it was needed the most. Let me also thank our Shareholders and Directors for their continued guidance and support. Not forgetting our customers who are the reason we are here, including all our business partners.

Today, when we have completed one more successful year, let’s celebrate for being able to make a significant space for ourselves in the market and hope to keep achieving new milestones and beat our own records. Let us take a pledge that we are not going to restrict ourselves to the current accomplishments but make and achieve new bench marks in the industry. I strongly believe that “we” together can achieve more and make great things happen. All we need to do is to believe in ourselves and our teammates, to support each other and direct our talent and energies to the right direction, thus working for a better tomorrow.

On this note, let us give a huge round of applause to our unity and efforts. Cheers to this happy occasion,: Cheers to all of you, Cheers to all our customers Cheers to all our friends and business partners, Cheers to Reunion Insurance, and Cheers to Mother Malawi!!!!!!!! Wishing you all the very best as we start another successful year.

Always remember: Unity has the power to fight back every obstacle on our way. Thanks to you all and God Bless!


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